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Brand New School Year, Brand New Body, Brand New Me!

Small towns, long memories. Everyone in the exclusive summer resort of James Bay, Michigan remembers FATTY PATTY, the chubby little girl with the round face and wild red curls. All grown up now, Patty Perreault teaches at the same elementary school where the painful playground memories still taunt her. She hasn’t forgotten the cruel nickname—plus she still hasn’t lost those extra pounds. Convinced her weight is the biggest reason why she’s a four time loser in the semi-finals for Teacher of the Year, Patty resolves to make some changes in her body and her life.
Sam Curtis, an overweight accountant she meets at the community pool, swims into Patty’s life with romance on his mind. But as their friendship grows, Patty finds it hard to see beyond his extra pounds. She’s torn as Sam refuses to deal with his own overweight issues. Her heart tells her one thing, but her eyes see another. She’s not interested in an overweight boyfriend. When it comes to winning the Grand Prize in life and love, Patty has some hard lessons to learn. Will she be able to confront her fears about the kind of woman she yearns to be? Will she be able to put down the fork and give her heart a try?

Fatty Patty

Wonderful story of transformation, self-acceptance and finding love"

~Jersey Girl Book Review 

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Critical Acclaim

“Fatty Patty is a wonderful story of transformation, self-acceptance and finding love and happiness. It is a story that anyone can relate to. The author does a wonderful job of capturing the true essence of the perception of what is considered “beautiful” in our society today and addressing the effect that the issue of weight continues to plague so many people.”

Jersey Girl Book Review

“I really enjoyed this book! Kathleen Irene Paterka's writing style is so engaging and the story will hook you immediately. Most people have dealt with the need to lose weight at some point in their lives, which makes the plot line extremely relatable. But there is so much more to the story! When you read this book, you have the joy of meeting an endearing cast of characters as well as watching Patty work to improve herself both inside and out. The book leaves you with a smile on your face and a sense of endless possibility in the world. I would definitely read Fatty Patty again!”

Amazon Reviewer

“Simple, light read but with a good message. I enjoyed it. You don't have to be perfect for someone to love you ‘just the way you are’.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Fatty Patty is an entertaining novel that women of any age can relate to. Patty deals with issues of life and love and learns that some things really do matter, and some things don't matter as much as we think they do. There are positive messages in this book that will make women think twice about the things in life that they put value in.”

Amazon Reviewer

“This book is refreshing. Patti, the main character, is far from perfect, but who of us is? And the book deals exquisitely with an issue that many struggle with and few talk about--our relationship with food. And then it deals as well with a subject that crosses all boundaries and touches us all --love. It is a courageous tale and well worth reading.”

Amazon Reviewer
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