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Immersed in the regal world of weddings and romance, Lily Lavender grew up believing in brides, grooms, and happily-ever-after. A direct descendent of the British royals, it seemed her destiny and royal birthright to someday assume a position as wedding coordinator in their family-owned wedding chapel business. But when her mother Mimi’s third marriage eventually fails, Lily’s dreams of her own happily-ever-after quickly fade. She’s no longer interested in a life of assisting brides walk down the aisle into a life of disillusionment and possible divorce. Lily turns her back on The Royal Wedding Chapel and leaves Las Vegas to fashion a life of her own.


Years later, Lily—now a single mom—discovers her teenage daughter has run off to Las Vegas, lured by Mimi to help run the chapel. Determined to save her daughter from the broken dreams of Sin City and the nonsensical world of which family fairy tales are made, Lily returns to Las Vegas. But nothing prepares Lily for the royal drama which awaits her… or the sins and secrets she stumbles across that threaten to close the chapel and ruin her family forever.

Royal Secrets

It was a love story and mystery all rolled into one. Loved it.

~Amazon Reviewer

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Critical Acclaim

“Royal Secrets is an enjoyable story that has everything a Chick Lit fan could ask for: romance, family drama and secrets, and dreams of royal weddings!”

Jersey Girl Book Reviews

“My first experience of chick literature and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Wasn't sure what to expect as I'm used to reading romance novels, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The story had me captivated from the word go and the characters definitely kept me wanting to read further.”

Hopeless Romantics Book Blog

“Royal Secrets is more than a romantic escape: it is finding that home is where the heart is and even though you can’t pick your family, loving and accepting the one you have is truly a gift of joy. Paterka fills her tale with family issues, personal issues and the beauty found in the young heart and imagination of a teen girl as she unintentionally orchestrates a ballad of love, living in the moment and believing in the magic of love. Although there are dark moments, they provide a wonderful contrast to the heart of this story. Quirky characters, loyal characters and one woman who admits where her heart belongs, makes pure reading entertainment!”

Goodreads Reviewer

“While some things in this story I could figure out, I have to say that I was shocked quite a bit…mouth agape shocked!!! There is ONE line in this story that was so shocking, I was rather impressed with Paterka’s delivery! There are a lot of lines like that. Kathleen Irene Paterka knows how to deliver an engrossing novel. This is a great book for anyone who loves a story about female relationships, for she gets to the heart of these relationships. This was a wonderful story, and I loved how Paterka defines family. Above all, that is what this story is about.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I can always tell a good book right from the beginning by the characters and whether or not I connect with them and would be friends in real life with them. I would be friends with Lily, the main character in the book!”

Goodreads Reviewer
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