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Do your best friends really know all your secrets?


Mary Anne, Margaret, Naomi, and Pats have been sharing their lives and secrets with each other for more than sixty years. Best friends since their school days at St. Elizabeth Academy, their monthly Saturday night dinners together are sacred, with everything served up for discussion.


But do they really know each other as well as they think?


A closet alcoholic with a murderous grudge. A political candidate threatened by scandal. A DNA test with devastating results. A dissatisfied wife involved in an internet romance. As the past, present, and future collide with tragic consequences, each woman finds her closest friendships suddenly put to the test. When it comes to sharing our deepest darkest secrets, how much of the truth are we willing to admit? How high are the walls we build around our hearts to protect ourselves from being judged…by family, ourselves, and even our closest friends? Are some secrets too sacred—or shameful—to share?

Saturday Night Sisters

“Perfect for fans of female friendships” ~ Amazon Reviewer

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Critical Acclaim

“Loved this story. The characters were so well thought out. The details were rich and thorough. I love stories in which the characters grow emotionally and this one doesn’t disappoint. These women are good friends, but as we all do, they have secrets. Secrets can be so burdensome until you begin to share them. These women learn the hard way that they can trust their true friends. I would love to have coffee with these women. Great women’s fiction. I will be reading more of this author!!”

Amazon Reviewer

“I felt totally invested in this story and the author did a great job of explaining their lives and the dynamics between the four friends. There was a bit of romance, and some tears were shed, but that is what makes a great read, which this was! Perfect for fans of female friendships and women’s fiction.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Meet the four friends from SATURDAY NIGHT SISTERS: Naomi, widowed, outspoken, and determined to do things her way; Mary Anne, stuck in a loveless marriage and convinced there’s something (someone) better out there; Pats, who seemingly has it all - loving, successful husband, large house - but who hides the darkest secrets; and Margaret, whose successful career could be run off the rails because of her own long-held secret. These four friends of over sixty years have known each other since their days in Catholic school, but they realize that perhaps they don’t really know one another as well as they thought. The author deftly weaves each woman’s story into a page-turner that will keep you interested… Well done!”

Amazon Reviewer
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