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Attorney Rose Gallagher left her home and heart behind in James Bay years ago, dreaming of big city success. When a family health crisis draws her back to the small resort community where she was born and raised, Rose settles in for a six-week-stay, only to find herself musing over two unexpected job offers and other things, too… such as the string of arson fires threatening James Bay and a handsome fireman named Mike Gallagher who sparks an unexpected fire in her heart. When the arson investigation blazes a trail which seems to lead directly to an old family friend, Rose sets out to prove her fireman wrong. Mike is determined to keep this pretty litigator from snooping around in his ongoing investigation, and Rose is equally determined not to give up on her quest to prove her friend’s innocence—even if it means giving up a possible future with Mike. Will these two find a way to resolve their differences, or will their dreams of romance go up in smoke?

Home Fires

It was a love story and mystery all rolled into one. Loved it.

~Amazon Reviewer

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Critical Acclaim

“I was hooked till the end! I laughed, I cried, and I couldn't put the book down until it was completed.”

Amazon Reviewer

“My husband is a firefighter and Paramedic, and I’m an EMT and firefighter-in-training. The story is very accurate as to our lifestyle and job description. I remember getting my first tour around the fire and EMS garage from my boyfriend(now husband) when he joined the department before I did, much like Mike shows Rosie! A fun summer read!”

Goodreads Reviewer

“Opposites attract in a lovely romance! Paterka's latest installment from James Bay strikes a wonderfully lit match between Rose Gallagher, home to care for her mom, and Mike Gallagher, a local fireman investigating a series of arson fires. Although both characters share the same last name, that's pretty much all they have in common. Paterka does an excellent job of bringing two people with vastly different goals and vulnerabilities together when love is the last thing on their minds. Home Fires is one engaging read!”

Amazon Reviewer

“Great book Kathleen Paterka has become one of my favorites!”

Amazon Reviewer
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