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Don't Open The Door

Marguerite (“Reet”) Carey has spent her life taking care of people. Now a widow and in her golden years, Reet is finally taking some well-deserved time for herself. But when her adult daughter decides to head off to rehab, Reet willingly volunteers to take in her two young grandkids. Who better than Grammie to see them off to school, feed them nutritious meals and snacks, tuck them into bed at night? Reet loves her grandkids and her only desire is to see them healthy and happy. She’s not about to deny them a safe place to stay...especially with their father locked away in prison.


Until one morning when the doorbell rings, and Reet comes face to face with an unexpected visitor… a man she despises and hoped never to see again. But Lloyd Walsh is out of prison, he’s on her front porch, and he’s come for his kids.


And this time, he has a gun.


It’s a grandmother’s worst nightmare. When Lloyd forces his way into Reet’s house, she’s forced to confront her own worst fears. How far will Lloyd go to get what he wants? How far will a grandmother go to protect her grandchildren? As the two of them settle down in a tense six-hour standoff waiting for the school bus, Reet knows that whatever happens between her and Lloyd in the coming hours will determine all their fates. Life or death, it’s up to her.

He's at Grammie's house...

and he has a gun

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